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Fx Press Free Scalping App

fx press app

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fx press free scalping app

Fx Press is a new Application for scalping!
Its a small brother of FX GENIE APP.
 If you don’tt have much time to sit behind your PC and making analyzes. Then we have a beautiful application for you! Fx Press is our new Application for short terms. And that is very accurate!
For now its only on android available. Unlimited Signals.


USG Trustable broker sinds 2005! You can start from 100 Dollars or Euros!


We have also long term trades.. Its a very accurate Application.
Where you can recive notifications and alerts.
Also you can join for free our Secret Telegram Channel. 
Here we post every day the best trades and everything you have to know about your trades and forex trading.
Would you like to read more.. Visit our Home page!

What are we providing:

* Signals – 3 targets short and long term
* Alerts – You will know exactly when the news is coming out or changes in your trades!
* Secret Telegram Group – Here our analyst will send you the charts of the best trades of the day! You get Advices, Tips and Motivation about trading.

CM TRADER Trustable broker sinds 2008! You can start from 250 Dollars or Euros! You receive daily guidance from their brokers.


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